3D Modelling - My first steps

12:11 Crazy Knitter22 0 Comments

Well then I finally kick my own butt and i started learning 3d modelling.
I have some ideas in which direction i will be going but i certainly will be open for ideas and suggestions.

I have bought myself Silo which i feel i am getting along quite well. The interface isn't overwhelming which helps a lot. And i am sure once i have more experience i will be able to use other modelling programs as well.

I'd like to thank fugazi1968 for his tutorials as i found they are made in a way i can follow and understand what he is doing.

So here a few shots to show what i was learning so far.
Unfortunately i have to do is slowly as my back doesn't always agree with me to sit around for a long time without moving. Even as i type this, i feel i have a dagger stuck up my backside thanks to a chronic sciatica.